IPTorrents Invite - Giving and receiving invites

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  1. In this thread you can share IPTorrents invites with your fellow RuneMate users.

    If you have an IPTorrents account and are willing to give out invites to your fellow members, please press the "Watch Thread" button in the right corner to receive an update when someone posts in this thread. When you get an invite please make a second post stating that you have an invite now so others know you don't need any anymore.

    By requesting an IPTorrent invite you promise to keep a positive ratio by seeding. If you get banned for not seeding you are not allowed to request another invite.
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  2. I have one myself now :) Who needs!
  3. What is this?
  4. Send me one and i'll send you one for torrentday, just make sure you keep your ratio good
  5. I always seed :)

    Talk to me on Skype or add me if you dont have it :)
  6. i want <3
  7. Add my Skype
  8. what is your skype
  9. It's on my profile but "live:evilcabbage".
  10. added
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  11. Gave this guy an invite :) Enjoy it!
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Good job!
  14. If anyone else needs one..

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  15. I have one left too!
  16. Make that 3, apparently I got new ones!
  17. Got 3 new ones! Skype me!
  18. How do you keep getting new ones so quickly?
  19. I have 3 invites too

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