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  1. Dylaster4's Road to Ban


    Hello i am making this thread so i can keep track of my progress mainly for myself but also to show off to you guys. I will be updating this weekly to let youknow what i have been doing with my accounts, and posting progress reports of scripts bots i have been using and letting you know what i have been using



    Current stats:
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Week 0

    This week i came across the bot called runemate i am super excited to get back into botting rs3 because tbh i dislike oldscho0l butt played it because was easier to bot. Here are my stats on day 1 of finding the client and am excited for my stay at runemate

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Week 1

    This week was a falador even so i had to take advantage of this double xp at artisans workshop. so this week i focused mainly on mining iron ore in the dwarven mine using the resource dungeon to bank using Exia mining AIO, it was flawless ran for over 12 hours never had a bug. and smithed all of it using Alpha smithing which again was flawless.

    I also this week achieved full superior elite void botting using Alpha Pest Control as pest control was spotlighted which i am pretty happy about

    I botted alot this week at turoths getting seeds and alchables and charms, i collected around 1.3k green charms, and 3m gold and alot of herb seeds. the cash rate was around 300k an hour here

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Week 2

    This week i started by trying to get requirements for deadliest catch so i could chop and bank teak logs for construction. i quickly got these and completed the quest and chopped teak trees using pi's chopper which was flawless ran for over 24 hours this week no bugs. I banked over 10k logs and 200+ special teak logs so soon can get some gold then train construction.

    I achieved the herb burner in the halloween even using cellestial halloween which ran flawless for me thank you so much that event was hell.

    There was a falador even going on and im an idiot and have not been using lamps on herblore which is hard to train on ironman so i starting doing jot, fally event and troll invasion on herblore to level it up

    which i needed 76 woodcutting for branches of darkmeyre quest for tier 70 weapons I ended up getting distracted going for tier 70 undegradeable weapon in all combat styles intead for the t75 greater runic staff from runespan which required 90 runecrafting i currently had my t60 was quite the achievement getting this. A progress report from my mid levels using houndspn which is 100% flawless. But in the higher level houndspan topped out at 65k/h when celestial runespan was getting 75k/h at 80+ runecrafting. But i knew was less stable but still quite flawless which i used to achieve level 90 rc.


    Not as much progress as i would have liked as i got pked and lost all my melee setup while going to mage arena buying daily runes which im an idiot for bringing stuff and no food :p


    Week 3 - Only 3 days of progress

    So far this week i have been trying to get my lower stats up for an overall higher total level to try and get that 2k total. I am also trying to get requirements slowly for void stares back and plagues end.

    I mined 3.5k clay Using Maximiner in Rimmington which was flawless at around 600+ an hour and softened all of it using Twinkisoftclay which did around 1950 clay an hour so didn't take long. I used Alpha crafter in Burthorpe to turn all of these into decorated mining urns.


    I tried the new Ultradungeon for a bit so i can work towards a bone crusher. I may continue to use this week but but still isn't perfect.

    I used celestial divination lite for a bit ive been putting off div as you need to swap spots every 10 levels i need to be around my computer so i just wanted to get it up a little bit.

    I had 11k maples banked from kingdom management and i had low firemaking level so i decided to bot firemaking for a night at least to get a good start in it and the script bot was flawless.


    Stats worked on:


    Side note:

    Bought a bond with my noobie which makes 20m a day botting 24-7 and bought some runescoins and got replica virtus set off solomans :p


    Week 4

    I tried getting my crafting up the slow and lazy botting way so i mined clay with maximiner at rimmington for around 590 clay/h i mined 11k but still have a little bit left i mined all of it in 1 session i missed the proggy :/

    Trying to do some testing to help improve Ultradung while also finally getting my bone crusher. i hate dungeoneering and the script bot is amazing not quite finished yet but i see an update is coming tomorrow (22/11/15)


    Also been getting some gold for construction i have another 2m in my miscellania which i got from using alpha fighter killing turoths for around 350k/h

    My account has been almost 100% except quests and few little thing so any other stats gained i have botted but i don't think are worth mentioning


    I got hit with just a temporary ban in the client detection ban wave, which makes me think this account does not have much longer on this game, will still be botting hard and updating the thread but i don't think will be for much longer.



    I plan on tidying up this thread over the next few days, while also my weekly progress will be a lot more in depth with what bots i've used while also some progress reports and also stating goals for my next week. As i wrote this entire this just quickly now the logs are not very in depth and had to rely on memory and whatever photos i had by coincidence.
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  2. Awesome. I really like these progress threads. But beware, there has recently been a ban wave, so bot more safely.
  3. Fixed formatted thread will be up soon
  4. Looking great. Best of luck. :)
  5. Damn you are spending alot of time on this, i'm doing the same but alot slower due to having less time. :(
    Best of luck with the grind!
  6. I am currently really sick with pancreatitus so been in hospital for 3 weeks but left 2 weeks ago to sit exams even thow i am to sick and getting a derived grade. so now im just sitting at home botting alot until exams are over, i can go back and get myself fixed hopefully soon :D, and thanks
  7. Did u bot dung? Btw nice progress and have you started off with p2p or f2p at first?
  8. no the account has always been p2p i just bot hunter 24/7 on my noobie and buy bonds and hen gets banned ill make another, and yes dung was botted but babysat using ultradung
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    Update - Mid way through week 3
  9. did you survive the client detection ?
  10. Temp ban :p
  11. u gonna continue the thug lyfe?
  12. yes will update today :)
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