Dark Is anyone still botting darkscape?

Discussion in 'DarkScape' started by thanks2bots, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. Just coming back for a visit to see if darkscape bots are still functional and worth the time to run again? is anyone still botting darkscape? are you getting lots of bans? please don't just tell me to test myself, as I will but if someone can spare me the time that would be better :)
  2. I've only got one ban but that was like a month ago, currently have a woodchopper going 11 hours strong.
  3. I've been using this for Darkscape (almost) as soon as support was added and I haven't been banned on any of the 3 accounts I use. I have one account running almost all the time that my computer is running and I'm not playing.
  4. My two darkscapers
  5. It's hit or miss on darkscape it's definitely the hardest rs version to bot right now
  6. Not banned yet ..
  7. and im still going strong on DS
  8. Jesus woodcutting level?
  9. only 91 decided to switch it up and fish on that account and cut wood on my fisher
  10. Any thing in particular you guys do to make sure you don't get banned because these are impressive
  11. Buy membership maybe don't bot more then 8+ hours on a single bot (woodcutting) Just act like a normal player. and actually play the game don't just bot the whole thing like actually socialise , Maybe join a clan.
    And do quests I'm sure they help alot.
  12. bit old here but, i used to get ban within 48h so I got a VPN and bot 8 hours a day not in obvious spots, and then buy from G.E/sell and did 4 starter quests gone 6 days no ban and 20m total xp
  13. Highest stats?
  14. well i have 16 bots running in darkscape right now 24/7 , and got 7 perm bans in like 2 months
  15. still strong 4 99's currently. 99 cooking 99rc gonna keep rest to myself.
  16. What are other 2?
    And isn't cooking expensive to get to 99 ? I currenlty have no 99's and 113 cb
  17. Cooking makes profit as you go up just make sure you get cooking gauntlets
  18. Do people even get banned in Darkscape?
    At Rimmington i see 10 bots in all 4 servers...7 days later they all still there, same names, they mine 24/7.
  19. i'm just interesting in whether the client still works, if does, just tell me.

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