Question Is Interact() supposed to consistently misclick?

Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by CPNone, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Hello,

    I was just wondering if Interact(String, String) is supposed to fail about 40% of the time? When I say fail, I mean either misclicking the menu entirely, thus running somewhere, or clicking the wrong interaction. If this is normal behavior, is there a way to modify the fail rate? The task I'm doing is very simple and even a human would not miss that often. In fact, the rate at which it misses the simple task makes it look like a bot.

    Here is sample invocation:

    Code (Text):
    1. portableCrafter.interact("Tan Leather", "Portable crafter");
    About 90% of the failed time, it clicks the option directly above the target action. The other 10% of the failed time, it clicks out of the menu entirely.
  2. That's very strange. It shouldn't misclicks nearly that often
  3. Yea; it's crazy. It keeps clicking "Clay Crafting" almost as often as it clicks the correct "Tan Leather". I'm going to keep investigating...Hopefully someone else who has had the issue may know what is wrong and how to fix.
  4. There is an option in settings called force menu interaction, it makes misclicks happen a lot less. I don't know what the drawbacks of using it are and find it weird that thats an option if there were no drawbacks so use with caution i guess.

  5. That's makes it always right click which is a strange pattern for a human...
  6. they dont detect like that
  7. Oh, i didnt know, and even so, bot users dont like the bots always using menu interactions.
  8. what's the difference between force menu interaction and runescape's one-button gameplay option?
  9. menu is left clicking, where all the actions come up. I dont know what you mean by the one-button option... All i know is i usually right click unless not possible :D
  10. it's an option in runescape's gameplay settings that sounds exactly like what you described as force menu interaction.
  11. Oh, well some people dont like bots using menu interaction...
  12. Consistently missclicks for me as well. On almost every interaction for items, banks, npcs.
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  13. It appears to be random for me...Sometimes it misclicks like 5 times in a row, and then others it just misclicks every couple of attempts. However, the misclicks are pretty significant, and sometimes the mouse just spasms around the page seemingly trying to highlight different objects or npcs. I get this with several different bots I've tried to run as well as the one I've been developing.

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