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  1. So I'm posting this, not in the attempt to be a dick and downgrade all of the hardwork that has been put into spectre, But as of yet, i haven't been able to successfully run any bots for more than an hour, they all also seem slow, compared to other botting software. is this maybe intentional to prevent bans? or is this something i'm doing wrong? I'm not extremely savvy but it seems as if its taking a long time for the data to run through to actually trigger a click or the next movement or the variable that it needs to perform a certain action, if that makes sense. Just wondering maybe whats this about, or if its something other people are experiencing, but otherwise then those issues the client seems excellent and that its potential is unlimited.
  2. This has been reported many times on many different bots.

    It is a combination of Runemate having only been recently released and still undergoing optimisation work; as well as the bot authors still needing to optimise their code for Runemate Spectre.

    I suggest you post any issues you are finding in the relevant bot thread, sot that the bot author can be made aware of the issues and fix them.
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  3. Thank you!

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