Is It Too Much To Ask?

Discussion in 'RS3' started by yyank8, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. Is it too much to ask for a good fishing bot? :(

    all the ones I currently use are not very reliable...

    Ive used 'Sudo Fisher' the most since its the only one that actually works but even that one has many kinks.. For instance it's not human like at all.. It does all sorts of unnecisary movements and often times i find it just running back and fourth untill it finally re-configures itself.

    I've tried maxi fisher but it doesn't support any fishing at the fishing guild.

    Ive also tried alpha fisher but that is the absolute worst one. It is constantly being glitched out . One time i left alpha fisher running for an hour and when I came back I was damn near on the other side of the map.
  2. Are you botting on DS?
  3. Is it too much to ask you post in the right section?
  4. Instead of actually reporting bugs and suggesting features you're bitching here.

    Is it too much to ask you to give that tiny bit of input to get what you want instead of flicking all fisher bots the middle finger?
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  5. No I am on RS3
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    It's an open forum. I see people posting in 'wrong' sections all the time.
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    I'm actually not flicking any of the bots off. I clearly gave you my input on which bots work the best for what I needed and which bots don't. So not really sure if your angry or just mad.
  6. I see people stealing all the time, too. Doesn't make it acceptable.
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  7. You just gave a proper explanation of what bitching is. Your input is based on that something is not working, instead of tips as of what aspects of the bots do not work and how said bot can improve.

    Besides, mad and angry are synonyms, not sure what your point is.
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