is rs3 higher ban rate then os?

Discussion in 'General' started by kelton, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. gonan try out botting on rs3 gonna make a bluedragon killer or green dragon is the ban rate higher and should i use legacy mode?
  2. Both are very well known gold farming methods, so the banrate is going to be steep for either method. I don't think using legacy would influence your banrate. I think it will be faster kills with Legacy mode though. Good luck. Might want to reconsider those dragons though.
  3. OS has a higher banrate than RS3.
  4. os is pretty much insta ban nowa days, mod weath is an assain bot killer, and enjoys it very much
  5. been botting for a while on osrs all going smooth

  6. yea seems that way, then you get a delayed ban

    goodluck tho
  7. ouch well i guess rip my accs then.... how long is delay?

  8. ask your self how long a delay is? could be today tommorow next year??? lol
  9. ive been botting like crazy on old school this week not one ban on my accounts think mod weath is away
  10. I had 2 accounts on OSRS that pretty much got banned within 6 hours of botting.. Wasted like 10 mins doing tutorial myself. :(

    For RS3, I'm doing runecrafting on 4 accounts at the same time for the past 2 weeks, no bans yet. They're all 91+ RC already:D.

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