Is RuneMate detected?

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  1. As we know, there's a big bot out there (won't mention any names) who got an extremely high ban rate at the moment.
    Is this also the case for this bot or is it better here?
  2. I'll try not to be one sided, but I'll just put it like this.
    From what I hear, a few hours botting on the big bot and your chances of getting banned are somewhat high. I don't know personally because I haven't used it since like 2012.

    For this bot, I honestly have heard of like 1 person getting banned thus far, and there's a bunch of people botting out there (even getting 1-99 Divination from what I've seen) and haven't seen any issues. I've also been botting Divination in the past here on my main and haven't encountered any problems.

    tl;dr: You should be good to go here.

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  3. No it is not, the only things that could get you banned is reports from other players or manual banning by a jmod
  4. What Falixus said is right, the bot is not detectable and from what I see and experience it's a lot better than RSBot.
  5. Thank you for your great answer.
    I tried to create some scripts bots for RSBot but I got tired of all the banned accounts.
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  6. RM is much betterthan pb. Most f sws here were scripting for rsbot but got tired of being banned on every account that was logged using RSBot. i have been botting for a lon time here on rm still no ban. Been botting on my main not banned :D Gandalf has botted 1-99 s till not banned :)
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  7. If I would create a simple firemaking script bot that suits my needs, would I then have to spend a long time creating an antiban, randomizing mouse movements, checking skills etc. or is the built into the bot?
  8. Go script bot for us :D
  9. That's a question for @Arbiter @Cloud @Aidden or any script bot writer.

    I've quoted them so they get notified and I'm sure your question will be answered shortly.
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  10. Thanks man.

    Lol, don't expect anything super fancy, I'm not a Java guru. I just make my own if none of the current scripts bots suits my needs.
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  11. Well you dont need to randomize your mouse movements as that is already build into the client. You dont need big antibans. Just some camera movements. But thats all. Big antibans make your script bot look like a bot more. So the mouse movements are included in RM. Such as: Viewing other stuff on browser, checking other stuff, sometimes forget about RS lol. <- this are examples how clouse works. Its much better than any other client.

    Happy botting
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  12. The client itself is not believed to be detected by Jagex. There have been a few bans but it has been on accounts that were being used for crazy tests or extensive goldfarming. We implement plenty of measures to try to make botting as safe as possible and we continue to refine our processes all the time.
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  13. Thank you for your answers. I got all the information that I required.
    As I see it now, this is an amazing site.
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  14. Welcome to RuneMate :) Also, feel free to talk about other clients. We don't have any rules against it.
  15. Thank you!
    I didn't want to get a bad image with my first post, that's why I didn't want to mention any names. ^^
  16. orly? then

    rsbot is shit
    powerbot is shit
    rsbot is shit
    powerbot is shit
    they all sshitz
  17. Overtime depending on the bot that you are using your ban chance will go up as the amount of possible actions the script bot can do lowers over time, thus meaning your ban possibility is higher. At runemate it is possible to get banned but i would expect you to have to atleast bot 24 hours straight.
  18. I know all about safe botting and all that, that's not a problem. I also interact in-game and chat with people.
    It's just that I'm normally using RSBot which is not safe at all. I can't even bot for a few hours before it's good game, bye bye.
  19. Runemate is the way to go, came here at 56 fletching about to get 97, been botting the whole time
  20. Lol, I could log in and play legit with RSBot and would be banned within the hour, its that bad.
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