Resolved is there a way to hop worlds from lobby?

Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by rigney87, Mar 7, 2023.

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    I have made a script bot that is in wilderness and added an anti-pk detection. I started off using WoldHop.hopToRandom but noticed that when it needed to do the hopping it would scroll for sometimes up to a minute trying to find the right world and get it into the view on the container. So my next solution was to have it get the world ready and make sure that the world would be in view on the list before it ran into any pkers, which worked okay but it was clunky and slowed down the script bot and still got caught by some pkers. So I ended up just adding Runescape.logout() then disabling the login event for a certain amount of time, hoping the pker would be gone and so far 2 days and no pker has caught any of my accounts....the logout function is just so much faster than the worldhop. So I searched and searched but couldnt find anything in the API that handles the lobby worlds or anything with the lobby in general, even going into the dev tools and searching for any of the iterfaces to interact with turns up blank...can anyone point me in the right direction to just logout to lobby, hop worlds then log back in?
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    Post #2 by dahnae, Mar 7, 2023
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    In the future, you'll get faster responses by asking on the runemate discord, but what you're looking for is Worlds#setPreferred.
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