Question Is there a way to run bot idle, preventing logout?

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Grummler, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. Was wondering if I could somehow run the bot without it doing anything but preventing me from logging out. Is this possible?
  2. Technically yea. Just use a broken script bot.
  3. Do you know of any broken bots that I could get from the store?
  4. What mode are you trying to play? If its RS3 or DS probably just use a OSRS script bot? and vice versa
  5. I'm playing OSRS. How do I even activate a DS/RS3 bot when playing OSRS? They're hidden for me.
  6. Im not sure about OSRS. Search around for broken/super old scripts bots
  7. You can't run a DS/RS3 script bot on OSRS unless it's enabled to work for all 3.
  8. Try holding down a mouse key while disabling keyboard (by clicking the keyboard button). This should cause the key to be held down and your character to keep spinning. That will probably keep you logged in. :)
  9. No, a key event prevents you from logging out, not holding a key. :/
  10. Thanks.
    Thanks. Currently trying BT Woodcutter Pro, waiting for a non-existant magic tree to appear. Will try your method if it doesn't work.
  11. Well you could get an autoclicker to click like every 25 seconds and i think that wouldnt log you out.
  12. Honostly dude, autoclicking is just asking to get yourself banned.. :p
    If "your" clicking in-game every exact 25 seconds = ban
    If "your" clicking in--game every exact 25 seconds @ the exact same position = 100% ban
  13. Now thats a much nicer way to say it
  14. I'm never like that tho, I just replied to fast sorry :p
  15. For anyone interested the BT Woodcutter Pro method is working well. It is logging out due to being AFK but it logs right back in again.
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