It doesnt matter how long you bot...

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  1. it honestly doesnt matter how long you bot what does matter however is how much exp you recieve within the amount of time you bot. for example if your training a skill the number 1 rs player is training and your both level 99 in the stat and your recieving 100k exp and so is he... if your recieving that exp for a full 48 hours and that number 1 player is only recieving it for 1 days work..., its going to look dodgy. however the amount of time you play honestly.. does not matter ive had a bot running for 5 days now and no bans received ive been botting runescape for years and year, its all to do with how you bot where you bot.. how you start your bot and so forth...

    like for example when the GUI pops up in the middle of your screen your mouse isnt on runescape anymore so runescape isnt recieving your mouse data(where your mouse is) however what jagex can detect and what they are detecting is the GUI people use to start the bot.. for example when i click start a window pops up saying "which account would you like to use" that box has a certain size, if everytime i login to runescape my mouse never appears in this area "" .. its really suspecious i actually tested this out and i believe jagex have an implemented system for this. they're collecting data so if this is a true statement.. then they can do more tests on your account for example how many randoms have you dismissed how many have you ignored then... if users mouse hasnt moved over these cordinates in 6 days..., also if user hasn't dismissed any randoms in 6 days your put on a botwatch list.. however different botting clients have different gui's and different scripts bots too. so what i think jagex is doing is collecting all the data from your scripts bots.. the size you have a gui on the start up of a script bot and certain things the script bot does.. sometimes an antiban can be counter productive depending on the type of antiban being used...., if its antiban that is lets say click this tab every.... its more for the user who is watching the script bot if anything. humans arnt random like that :p

    another way i think they're detecting bots is through the client itself, at the minute i believe this is the case with tribot.

    anyway in conclusion to avoid things like this, we could perhaps have a gui all set up before we even login to runescape or before runescape even loads.

    the reason i dont believe runescape is making bans on the amount of time players have played is because 2 people can share accounts different sides of the worlds... doing this would put them at a disadvantage they'd have to analyze data from bots as well as humans, why would they do that when they could just detect the client then analyze the scripts bots being run. or detect the area in which your mouse never goe. if you moved your mouse past 4 corners of that gui in the past 2-3 days they know exactly what size that box is.. if its not the size of messenger box... or calculate common things that are used to overlap rs... then maybe they are using this way to detect bots?

    also apologies for grammar :p
  2. Account sharing is against the rules though.
  3. thats besides the point if they're collecting mouse data ect... they dont want peoples.
  4. They're already gathering data on how bots work, however, for the clients which aren't detected, they need a way to determine who to analyze and to watch for bot-like behaviors. It seems that the work they do to analyze behaviors is incredibly resource intensive, which means that they can only really analyze a small group of individuals to watch for those bot behaviors. It is why time spent online is important, someone who spends 23 hours online every day is either a bot or account sharer, which means your account would automatically be put on the watchlist and analyzed heavily. As your time goes over 13 hours you become a part of a group which is heavily monitored (put on a botwatch list).

    Edit: This doesn't mean that all they do is look at time online, it's likely a combination of a bunch of various factors, which they can use to determine a bot.
  5. i must have a pretty mean script bot running then :p no bans for me been running 6 days now constantly no logouts.
  6. thread = bull crap i botted 1-31 fish yea vasts amount of exp and was banned today
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    ill come back later and pick this post apart

    GUI thing is bull crap because what if you just clicked skype and that poped up on your window? or you went to facebook etc
    you logic sucks here.
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  7. They might be able to detect JFrame children of the client, but I doubt it, because if they did that then they would just be able to detect the client's frame anyway and have no need to do that.
  8. Jagex has publicly said that the amount of time that people play is factored in to deciding whether they're botting or not.

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