RS3 Ithell Harps bot (Literally just an auto-clicker with anti-ban)

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  1. Could someone please make an ithell harps bot? It just has to click the same object once every ~20 seconds and move the screen and go afk every ~10 minutes.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. support, this script bot would be extremely easy to make especially for the experienced botauthors around here.
  3. What are the requirements to access these harps? I might have a look if I can get there.
  4. Prifddinas and 75 crafting.
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  5. @Eagles13 you could add this to your crafter.
  6. Same goes for seren stones.
  7. It's so easy, you could probably write it yourself. ;)

    Edit: serious by the way, look up some basic java, open the jdocs, and you'll be done within an hour at most. :)
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  8. I tried making a Seren Stone miner based on Slashnhax's tutorial power miner, but I don't understand jack shit of all the packaging you need in Java.
  9. Maybe, but your bots have superior anti-ban :3
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    @Defeat3d Could you please make this?

    Here are 3 cats waiting in anticipation: :3 :3 :3
  10. When I'm home tomorrow, I'll have a crack at this. I'm no experienced script bot writer but I know a few things to hopefully make this a success.
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  11. Bump.

    @Hazard since you made the Seren stone miner, could you take a shot at making this? It works the exact same way, and I can lend you my account if you like.
  12. I got an account and a harps bot, contains no antiban since in this case doing things like rotating the screen actually make it more bot-like, harps are meant to be afked ;) Ill release it tomorrow, could have released it 2 weeks ago but must have missed this thread
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    Pushed to the store, should be approved anytime Cloud logs in.
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  13. <3<3<3
  14. TenHarps from @Hazard.
    Nice one Hazard, you're actually listening to what bots others suggest, good job :).
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