OSRS I've quit OSRS, but final results.

Discussion in 'General' started by icybow14, May 3, 2015.

  1. Runescape finally got boring for me, not motivation, not even to bot. Here are my final stats.


    The account remains un-banned, and never had any warnings.


    There is some of the stuff that I managed to EARN while doing this.
  2. wow nice
  3. Looking good :p What made you quit?
  4. Complete lack of motivation and wanting to get my life on track.
  5. Life over everything to be honest.
  6. Good luck to you mate, impressive account never the less.
  7. Can't blame you, something about Runescape just feels unplayable nowadays.
    It got to the point that botting wasn't worth it either, because I couldn't enjoy the game regardless of wealth or skills.
  8. Happened to me on RS3. Now after 4 year hiatus, giving old school runescape a try.
  9. Do you also feel that way about OSRS? Or just RS3?
  10. Both RS3 and OSRS, I suspect it's a culmination of playing too much and not agreeing with decisions that Jagex makes.
    Although I must admit, my typing speed is the result of many years on Runescape, so I can at least appreciate that.
  11. ^ couldn't agree more. My typing speed is solely from years of runescape lol
  12. I will go on ~~~
  13. You've made some great gains dude, I like it.
    How long did this take you?
  14. Lol same here. I average 80 gwam and have done over 100 before. I'm currently doing my wife's keyboarding college class because there are no proctored exams. I did 73 gwam with 0 errors in the last 5 minute timed writing.
  15. BOt daily make your self some irl cash on the side :D,
    exactly what i do

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