Jaeger Bonfire 1.0.0

Creates and/or adds to bonfires. More logs and locations may be added if requested.

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    Jaeger Bonfire - Creates and/or adds to bonfires. More logs and locations may be added if requested.

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  2. 2 messages and already Bot Author, going to test since thats what i do. I test things....


    If possible add Lumbridge Combat Academy.


    The camera movement freaks me out, it is constantly moving around like all the time.
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  3. Haha go for it. All input is greatly appreciated. The camera movement shouldn't move around too much, like every once in a while. I can make it less frequent.
  4. Just one more thing: Doesn't it take to long to burn a log and to add the rest to the bonfire? Because i'm watching it at Shantay's Pass and it burns the log and after like 3 seconds it clicks on one of the logs in inventory and more 1 second to start choosing the option to Add to Bonfire. Did you already noticed that?
  5. I did notice that. I just need to tinker with the delays I have in place to shorten the time between actions. Should be easy fix.
  6. Nice. Hope you all the best and congrats on the release mate!
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  7. Grats with release! People were complaining regarding the lack of FM bots:eek:
  8. Thanks!
  9. Works great just needs that minor (or not) fixes.
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  10. Great proggie!

    Grats on the release, buddy. @Jaeger ;)
  11. GZ on release
  12. Thanks for the proggie!

    Thanks Falixus!

    Thanks Dellgenius!
  13. Congratulations on releasing it man!
  14. Last one today.
  15. Awesome, thanks!
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  17. Thanks for the heads up! I thought I tweaked it, but I must have over looked that part. I know I tweaked some other delays. I'll work on it now and it should be better in next update.

    On another note, if anyone has an account with access to prif I would greatly appreciate it if you could let me use it for a short time so I can add that location.
  18. I don't have a account for it sorry.
    I noticed that the banking is faster, the actions after banking are faster but when a ligh goes off and you need to fire other and after when you need to start adding to the bonfire the delay is noticible. Hope you get that thing working faster and i'm sure anyone else will lend you a account to add prif.
  19. I'll get a look at that pronto ;)

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