Jaeger Miner 0.0.1

Trains mining for quick experience. Banking and powermining supported.

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    Jaeger Miner - Trains mining for quick experience. Banking and powermining supported.

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  2. Hello a few suggestions,
    Seren stones - 150k xp/hour
    and familiar support - +10 bonus.
  3. Do you have an account you wouldn't mind me using to add the location and function? Otherwise, I won't be able to do it. I don't have an account that has access to Prif
  4. Hey, Granite and LRC are some of the best spots to train mining. Support for those would be great!
  5. Really nice release :) GL on the future releases :D
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  6. Would you ever input LRC?
  7. I'm assuming Granite would be power mining correct? or would I need to add banking for it?


    I've never done LRC so I'll need to look it up and see if I can. I'll get back to you on that one
  8. For the sole purpose of mining, Powermining is the best option. Banking could be added if you want to add the money making aspect to it. Thats entirely upto you. But in my opinion powermining granite should be added :D
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  9. Just powermining granite would be great.
  10. Can you please add clan citadel stone mining? Its awesome xp + there is no such bot around. I believe it wont take too much time, since you dont need to drop anything or bank, only clicking on the rock :p
  11. yeah i do :)
  12. If you can provide me with an account that has access to one than I can/wil
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    Awesome just add me on Skype or pm me on here
  13. Hey if you are in the process of making a granite powerminer, sign of porter support would be awesome, you can make decent money and make your xp per hour quicker because you don't have to drop anything.
  14. @Jaeger just spent 10 hours running from one side of varrock west bank to the other. No exp was gained. Lets see how fast it takes me to get banned -_-
  15. please add the location north of falconry!!! There is a perfect 3 iron ores there!
  16. I know this bot hasn't recieved any feedback for a while and isn't in use anymore/scripter isn't active anymore, but it works like a charm in the dwarven mines!

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