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    Don't want to use public bots?
    Can't find a bot that does what you want?
    Ever wanted a personalized bot to do exactly what you wanted?
    Ever tried quinoa mixed with pomegranate?
    That last question has nothing to do with this, it's just delicious and you should try it.
    Tired of my questions?

    If you answered "Yes." to any of those than I can help you!

    I am offering a private bot service. You tell me exactly what you want the bot to do and I will create it. Of course this has to be within reason.

    Varies bot to bot. Depending on the complexity and thus how long it will take me to create.

    Payment Methods:
    Payment methods include rs3 & osrs gold. Real money methods are available.

    Terms of Service:
    If I do not posses an account with the requirements to create the bot you ordered than you will need to provide me with one.

    Post here, private message me, or add me on Skype: JaegerGod
  2. Good luck with your service!
  3. Thanks guys
  4. Just in theory, how long would a mother load mining bot take?
  5. Quick question: say I pay for a moneymaking bot; do I need to pay once or do I need to pay a certain amount each month?
  6. To be honest I'm not sure because I don't even know what mother load mining is. You'd have to explain it or I'd have to look it up.

    You'd only have to pay once.
  7. http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Motherlode_Mine
    I guess he means that.
  8. 0.0, im surprised nobody in here has a mother load bot for OSRS. Its the fastest exp and good money maker for mining. Ill find a link and link you.
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  9. Thanks!

    You'll have to take into a count that I do have an actual job at the moment and things come up in real life, but overall I do not think it should take me too long.
  10. Yea, understandable. I work (7) 12's. I know what you mean. Got a time frame and price?
  11. We can discuss that in private message. I'll message you shortly.

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