Jagex Crackin Down

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  1. Recently my friend just messaged me saying he got banned,
    it came with a very unique comment from a jagex Mod
    "Our detector can detect all 3rd party software, any software that claims to be "undetectable" or "ban proof" is surely misleading you and you will get caught."

    it was almost like a message to all of us through my friends ban haha i think they know about Spectre :O

    help. lol
  2. They have been using that message for ages m9
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  3. True. They have been using this message ever since they launched the BotNuke in 2011 (?).
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  4. kek
  5. Yeah. I mean the thing that was supposed to resemble a BotNuke. :')
  6. Yeah, I believe so. They're just trynna scare people, and it seems like it's working too:p
  7. It's the same scare-tactic that Jagex employed at the time when Impsoft lost their court case. All Impsoft customers received official Jagex messages via e-mail and the message center stating that they should quit their activities or they would be included in a semi-random court case in Florida. :')
  8. yup and most of us recieved a ban, if your paypal account that you used on impsoft bots was related to the one used to sign up for an rs account :S( my accounts un banned now :p)
  9. As the others have said, this message has been used for quite a while. And i'm sure they know about spectre, all they have to do is google runescape bots and we're on the first page. The issue would be if they could detect spectre running, which they can't. Before spectre was released, RuneMate V1 was detected by jagex and a lot of players would be banned just for logging in through the client. This meant the client itself was detected. That has never happened with spectre and because of the way we load and access the game i'm pretty sure it will never happen.
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  10. Amen.
  11. I dont receive bans lmao
  12. bruh ur bots get people banned
  13. Recieve
    nah not really
  14. umm yea it does your bot is unsafe to use
  15. Whcih one
  16. all of them i just used them like yesterday and then boom banned within 2 hours
  17. Not possible. stop lying pleass
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    People use them daily yet no bans
  18. not lying
    yo anti ban is like the pb client
  19. You said you used all of them Yesterday and you got banned within two hours? Either you are ip flagged or you have botted on the acc before way too much.

    I use my bots, people use my bots. If you know how to bot, you wont get banned. I dont believe you got banned with my script bot in this case.
  20. lol i used them on premade accounts that i made months ago and you telling me that they got banned becuz i havent used them in a while i
    geez bro yo logic is weak how come i can bot 24/7 with the other bots in the store and not urs

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