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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by matt22420, May 6, 2016.

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  1. i ever had this issue till download rs legacy/osrs 07 intaller 1.2.7 off there web site i used the fix it tool it did not work
    the error whn installing it is:
    the windows installer could not be accessed ... ect

    note that all there programs install with out any problems

    how do fix all i do is open it then click accept on tos then next on installer then it just sit there till i get there error i can use the bot bc it need rs client.
  2. Try installing the official client with admin rights.

    Right click "Open as Admin" or "Install as admin"

    This is a problem with the Runescape client itself, so you may get better assistance by contacting Jagex on Twitter, or posting a thread on the 2007scape Reddit sub-reddit.
  3. i would have done that if could there no why 2 run as adman even under properties capability it just checked grayed out all i can do i install repair or unistall i guess its bc its an msi not a exe im just think about reformating or just install linux on virtalcomputer again i wish we had the the old bot client as well if people have issue with client. jegex just told me 2 use an fix it tool that did not help at all lol i been trying 2 get this 2 work since you updated.... all bc of a client
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  4. Maybe it would help to post your question in your native language.
  5. lol wow dude you lost a custmer im deleting my account on here your bot is shit english in my native laguage self thought and a bussissnes owner have nice day and putting your sites on 2 be hacked list :) hope your site not vul :)
  6. It is evident English is not your native language due to your poor grammar. They were only trying to better understand your issue.
  7. @Arbiter banhammer incoming.
  8. That rage lmao.
  9. Cute.
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