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Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by Arbiter, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. In order to make the Java Documentation as comprehensive as possible for our developers, we are asking for suggestions of specific classes/methods to expand upon. Just provide a brief description below and we will address it promptly.

  2. @Cloud Execution class needs specification as to which unit of time is used for delays (milliseconds) as requested by @Salvation.
  3. The whole API should be documented thoroughly, I have not yet seen a botting client with a flush and complete API with rich documentation.
  4. Although I agree, it takes a considerable amount of time to do detailed and proper documentation. I do try to add more documentation periodically however I'm aware there are sections that are still lacking. If there's ever a point that you find problematic, please comment and I'll gladly write some up.
  5. asign bot authors to do it, especially the ones that are very familiar with the api
  6. That can't really be done in any productive way because the javadocs have to be packaged with the source code.
  7. damn :/
  8. Feel free to point out specific sections that you feel are under documented. Anything that's self explanatory will be gradually filled out but right now I'm most worried about things that aren't clear enough.
  9. Docs need an update I think, World class doesn't exist anymore. Took me a while to find out.
  10. Updated.

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