Resource Java in 30 minutes

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  1. For people that want to attempt java

    Now discuss!
  2. Didnt watch the video, but its hardly believable that one could learn Java beyond the basics in 30 mins
  3. Depends on how you perceive knowing a language. You could learn the structure, and syntax of java that quickly (30-90 minutes(). But to learn the language and apply it to programming, it would take weeks. To be experienced, and able to develop just about anything, takes years and years. If you already know a half-dozen languages, you could pick up basic java in half an hour, easily.
  4. To be honest the youtube video is really for people with previous knowledge of programming. Luckily I already know how to program in c++ so video was so helpful but If you're just starting out I don't think it will help.
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  5. There is no such thing as java in 30 minutes LOL
  6. It was suppose to teach you the basics in 30 minutes but If you don't have prior knowledge of any coding languages whatsoever I failed to see how this can be helpful.

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