JavaFX: java.lang.NullPointer Exception: inputStream is null - Loading resources

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  1. I'm trying to load a JavaFX .fxml file in my bot but I can't determine what is the problem, it's either when trying to load the file in the manifest or when opening the file in a stream.

    Here's some information:

    Here's what the folder looks like in the IDE:
    The location of the built files is D:\Work\Programming\Furor\build\classes\com\runemate\devination

    Code (Text):
    1. main-class>com.runemate.devination.Devination</main-class>
    This is how I load the main file in the manifest

    Code (Text):
    1. <resource>com/runemate/devination/DeviGUI.fxml</resource>
    This is how I'm trying to load the file in the manifest

    Code (Text):
    1. final Parent root = loader.load(Devination.class.getResourceAsStream("/Furor/src/com/runemate/devination/DeviGUI.fxml"));
    This is how I try to load the file in the code, I've tried all sorts of combinations but no luck

    I've tried so many combinations, but to no luck
  2. @Cloud I tried to resolve this a while back for @Aidden, but never came up with a solution. Perhaps you could discuss the details with him. Interestingly enough, the same code works just fine through the Bot Store. There's a good chance this isn't a bug, but just requires some user education. Maybe a tutorial is in order.
  3. Your getResourceFromStream path is wrong. You need to start the resolution from the package root.
  4. Pretty sure this, and many other combinations, have been tried. I did when I tested @Aidden's code at least.
  5. I tested

    final Parent root = loader.load(Devination.class.getResourceAsStream("/com/runemate/devination/DeviGUI.fxml"));

    and all other similar combinations
  6. try Devination.class.getResourceAsStream("DeviGUI.fxml")

    Pretty sure the path you supply is meant to be relative to the class you supply.
  7. Still happening...
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    IF ANYONE IS EXPERIENCING THIS, CHECK YOUR MANIFEST FOR RESOURCES. i Forgot to do that and did confuse myself and other people...

  8. For future reference here are the two steps to fix 99% of these issues:
    1. Make sure the resource is mapped in your manifest XML.
    2. Use the Resources class in the API to load the desired resources using absolute path.
    If all else fails move the resource to the root package and try loading it from there.
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  9. @Arbiter I'm still having this exact same issue on this same script bot, I've switched to loading from the absolute path via the API, used an absolute path in my manifest as well as placing the resource in the root path and I simply cannot get it to work.

    Code (Text):
    1.             final Parent root = loader.load(Resources.getAsStream("/com/runemate/devination/DeviGUI.fxml"));

    Code (Text):
    1.         <resource>com/runemate/devination/gui/DeviGUI.fxml</resource>
    I've tried all sorts of combinations.
  10. Try removing the leading slash from the argument for Resources.getAsStream.
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    It's also missing the gui package in it. :p
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    Looks like you're including one as a resource and calling for the other in your code.
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    Also looks like neither DeviGUI.fxml is in your SVN (thus the red color). Right click -> Subversion -> Add to VCS and then commit. Then use an SVN browser, such as our web based one RuneMate - USVN, to ensure it's in there.

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