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  1. So I've got quite a few bots and quite a few ideas. And other people are making topics in here for their scripts bots. So I'm following suit and making a topic too. All my bots are for RS3 only at this stage.

    "Finished" bots:
    Alpha Cooker
    Alpha Fisher
    Alpha Granitecutter
    Alpha PestControl
    Alpha Powerminer
    Alpha Smither
    Alpha Superheater

    Released but still in active development:
    Alpha Dragons
    Alpha Crafter
    Alpha GildedAltar
    Alpha Graniteminer
    Alpha SorcGarden
    Alpha Flax

    Unreleased and in development:
    Alpha DailyTasks (only data gathering at the moment)
    Alpha Slayertower


    Changelog (since 04/15):


    • JFlax released
    • JBlueDragons bugs fixed
    • [All bots] Paint refactored & CPU usage reduced

    • JGildedAltar bugs fixed
    • JBlueDragons bugs fixed
    • [All bots] Bank API completely re-written and unified over all bots

    • JPestControl fix whereby the bot would not cross the plank
    • JGildedAltar static sleeps have now been replace with dynamic ones which means that if offering fails, the bot won't idle
    • JFlax fixes which make sure the bot will function properly under all starting conditions
    • JPowerminer has sign of the porter support
    • [All bots] Walking completely re-written and unified
    • [All bots] A ton of stuff that I've probably forgotten
    • [All bots] Bank API fixes
    • [All bots] Global UI backend fixes
    • [All bots] Walking completely re-written and unified
    • [All bots] Global NPE fixes

    • JPestControl fixes
    • [All bots] Lots of under the hood refactoring
    • [All bots] Optimisation of UI loading and saving routines
    • [All bots] Development for JDragons is in full swing

    • JGildedAltar now has support for auto detection of new hosts, better house*entering, and will stop if it's out of hosts

    • JPestControl fixes, including player getting stuck (hopefully)
    • JDragons should be coming soon
    • [All bots] Massive API changes
    • [All bots] Lots of under-the-hood changes

    • JFletcher released
    • JCrafter now supports urns
    • JCrafter bug where gems would not be cut has been fixed
    • JGildedAltar bug fixes, and various logical reworks
    • JPestControl NPE fixes and lander-entering (hopefully)
    • JSorcGarden bug fixes, including spam & mis clicking, potential idle conditions
    • JSorcGarden now has an option for more human camera movement
    • [All bots] Which "make" anything - i.e. JCooker, JCrafter, JFlax, JSmither, etc have had logical changes, rewrites and handling of the creation interface has been unified
    • [All bots] Progressbar-like things have been implemented for levelling tabs
    • [All bots] A ton more quite major under-the-hood changes, some of which I've probably forgotten about
    • [All bots] More massive API changes

    • JCrafter fixes (NPE on bot stop if UI is not open)
    • JCrafter now has an option to make urns (nr) as well as urns (r)
    • JFletcher now has support for all types of darts
    • [All bots] A bug where the tool selection interface handler could fire when un-needed has been fixed
    • [All bots] Now have handling for mis-clicking and mis-withdrawing during banking
    • [All bots] A potential bug is now fixed where .size() was used instead of .getQuantity() in relation to bank and inventory items

    • JDragons initially released. Early beta. Please read the thread
    • JFletcher fixes
    • [All bots] Locations API further unified


    • JFletcher fixes
    • JSueprheater fixes
    • [All bots] Creation interface fixes for items with multi-line names.
    • "JBots" are now "Alpha Bots"
    • [All bots] Creation scripts bots have been completely re-written with an intelligent task-based system which allows for multi-step object creation, and for the creation of a second object once the resources for a first one have been exhausted (cooker/crafter/fletcher/smither)
    • [All bots] have been partially re-written and updated to use the new API
    • [All bots] Universal urn support has been added
    • [All bots] Walking, banking, creation interface APIs all re-written
    • JGraniteminer/Alpha GraniteMiner has been completely re-written and ought to be much better. It's also going to have support for more banking areas very soon
    • Alpha Fletcher now has support for more items
    • Alpha Smither has been fixed and is now fully functional
    • Alpha Crafter bug where the bot would not open obstructive doors whilst walking has been fixed
    • [All bots] A bug whereby users were able to start bots with no tasks added has been fixed
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  2. I adore you ;)
  3. Slayer tower will be interesting if you implement getting tasks from the guy near the entrance. It'll probably be the only feasible way to bot slayer.
  4. The easiest feasible way*
  5. Massive updates coming within 24 hours (asusming @Cloud pushes). Woop woop!
  6. WHat will be in the updates Eagles? :D
  7. If you look in the changelog for what's under 19/04/15, you'll find out.
  8. LOL sorry I didnt read the whole post. xD my bad

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