Just before the first final release

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  1. Add a countdown to the website, visible on at least the frontpage and the forums' index. Counting down from 3 days, until an automated release.

    These 3 days would be host to a referral competition: the 10 users that refer the most new users get Supporter for 1 month of their choice and the top 3 referrers would additionally get a premium script bot of their choice (to be redeemed before the end of 2014) for free.

    Spamming or cheating in any way, shape or form would disqualify the contestant.

    PS: add a prefix 'Suggestion' for this forum section.
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  2. I like the idea
  3. I approve of this idea. Only issue is that the client is already released in its full capacity, so the "automated release" wouldn't have much function besides a version increment.
  4. Overall sounds like a good plan. =]

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