OSRS Just got motherfucking hacked.

Discussion in 'General' started by Mikaelz, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. For some stupid ass reason I turned my authenticator off on my pure like 4 days ago. I think it was because my computer spazzed out every time I tried to log in and asked for a code even tho I asked it to remember this computer. Anyways I logged in 10 minutes ago and found myself in Lumbridge bank. Everything was gone, except for like 100 items worth a total of 1,3m (just sold). I had over 50m on the account.

    I'm a 1 def pure with firecape, and none of it was touched. This is a 100% legit account so I'm glad people at least have some manners. Go ahead and protect your accounts right now boys.
  2. Sucks to hear. Did you scan your computer for viruses prior to changing your password? I suggest Malwarebytes (the free version should suffice)
  3. Sorry to hear mate.

    Did you scan your computer for viruses like EvilCabbage asked? And also, did you use a VPN / Proxy?
  4. Same exact situation with me.. didn't login for a week and boom everything was gone on both rs3 and oldschool...
  5. Sorry to hear about that. :/
  6. many accs being hacked right now i think my pure got hacked aswell a little while back :/
  7. This sucks really sorry to hear about that.
  8. Have you an idea how you got hacked?
  9. Don't download gold generators.
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  10. I love this guy.
  11. Sorry to hear that.
    You should do the following:
    1. Scan your PC using Malwarebytes [you can use a Pro trial]
    2. Scan your PC for keyloggers and RAT's
    3. Install Zemana Antilogger & KeyScrambler Pro <These tools will protect you against keyloggers and such..
  12. I'm not pointing fingers here, but I KNOW I accidentally put my details into one of those false twitch stream scams but changed my password straight away on RS so it could be that. However I think somehow that got into my runemate account and got the details that way (diff passwords and usernames for both but still) as they got through my bank pin without disabling it.

  13. A RAT can record your screen frame by frame and easily figure out your PIN when you click to enter it because the numbers disappear when you hover over the one you're going to click.
  14. Can vouch. I owned a rat that had a specific RS pin recorder.
  15. No rat on my computer though...
  16. They can be crypted so that they are undetectable by most, if not all virus detection. That is why you cannot rely on a virus scanner or anti-virus if you download some file someone sends you. If you downloaded something off Skype, off a Youtube channel or allowed Java recently then chances are you've been infected with a RAT.

    There's other methods of infecting a 'slave' but those listed above are the most common methods used.

    If they didn't put much thought into it, manually go through your AppData folder with System protected files and Hidden files shown. They usually install to the:

    %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming folder.

    If you're lucky you'll find some hidden .exe file that doesn't let you simply delete it.

    Also check your list of Programs running at Startup and post the picture here i'll let you know if there's anything suspicious.
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  17. Guilty.
  18. bshades ftw.

    No guys we've found the issue. My computer can't get a virus, but I have a friend in the NL somewhere who knows more about my life than I do, and he was keylogged. That's how the hacker got the pass, since my friend used my acc.

    In all honesty, since I got hacked I've gotten my drivers license complete. What I'm trying to say is it was a good wakeup call to maybe take care of IRL stuff right now, so that's what I'm doing. Selling all the gold I have and all the accs I have.

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