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Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by forum user, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. I was bored and decided to take some screenshots to show you what the possibilities are.
    Bot smart ladies and gentlemen.



    Can't wait to see what runemate can do.

    Feel free to PM me I'm quite friendly and am willing to offer advice if I should have any for both botting and runescape in general.

    Happy Botting :)
  2. Fuck man, very nice. How long did that take you? Which bots did you use?
  3. If it was free and good quality I probably used it and If it was worth payin for, I probably bought it.

    From nexus, rsbot, rsbuddy, epicbot.

    Could list thousands of scripts bots I've used plus a few I modified myself. No I cant script bot for shit, Its just easy when you have all the method classes, and the whole script bot pretty much written you just have to add object id's. So not much credit to myself there.

    arbibots were among my fave, not even trying to kiss ass.
  4. Very nice, man.
    Yeah smart botting is key, I've got a couple of good accounts I've been botting for years.
  5. I am really insecure about botting these days, so perhaps you could shed some light on "what" gets you banned.
    poor clients? poor scripts bots? jagex monitor click patterns? playing patterns (such as no afk moments/micro breaks).

    I apologise for how vague this question might be and how insurmountable the amount of answers that would be possible. I have no understanding of the updated jagex technology and what methods they are employing to detect us. Trolling the interwebs for answers only leads me to the same result, the people getting banned dont know how to bot, and when they do get banned create another account on the same ip and bot the same scripts bots.

    which is just screaming for a slap upside the head.
  6. All of the above. Plus more, plus less, we don't really know. All we can do is speculate and implement counter measures for all feasable ways jagex really could be detecting us. The way to bot with less chance of being caught has and always will be the same. Take realistic breaks, use well written scripts bots that are well randomized and human like, use a bot that isn't detected, botting in uncommon areas that have few players, use private scripts bots to further minimize your chance of getting banned. There are probably many may many more measures you could take but there's just a few.

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