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  1. Hey, what's up? Hello I am Ev, I am currently 21 and I've been playing Runescape on and off since Classic. I'm new to being part of a botting community but I plan on being pretty active and helping out where I can and trying to find my place to fit in. When not doing all things Jagex I play Smash Brothers Melee competitively or I'm Moderating a few medium sized Facebook groups related to it. Also, I live in s̶h̶i̶t̶t̶y̶ sunny Orlando Florida while I'm going to school for Communications and Business at a local college.

    Feel free to reply on here or send me a private message if you want to be buds yo, I am a lover of all things dank, Anime and poopoo taste in music.

    PS. I currently am watching Dexter while AFKing/botting on Darkscape. Anyone watching anything dope?
  2. Welcome to the dark side.
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  3. Welcome to the community!

    I loved Florida, went to Orlando for Universal Studios. :p
  4. Welcome to the site man. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here :)
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  5. Thank you for the welcome. :3

    Haha, I like it here too don't get me wrong. There is just something about actually living here that makes the magic disappear.. yuh feel me?
    The parks are a blast though! I am going to Universal this week to their Halloween event "Halloween Horror Nights".
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