RS3 Just started botting, any tips?

Discussion in 'Guides' started by NewoPG, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. hello, just started rs a week ago. Started botting yesterday and my main got banned already. Started a new account trained combat to 60+. Would like to have tips on how to bot effeciently or goods way to bot for money to buy bonds. Also what I should know and what to watch out for? I hope this is correct place to post this >.>
  2. I was banned for not even starting a bot--logged in using RuneMate. I literally made the account last night and verified it, then went to sleep. I think its the client.
  3. Not possible ;)
  4. If your account is flagged to be banned, then you will be banned no matter where you log in (whether it's the RS client or an external one). :)
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  5. Ok, thanks for the link. Would also like to know if any recommendations on which bots to use in general?
  6. Your best bet will be by looking at the Bot's Thread and the Reviews about it.
  7. Used runemate to get my main to 99 mage, 99 ranged and 94 strenght.

    Use it wisely and use breaks.
  8. alpha fighter all the way, been using it 10 hrs+ every day no ban, what i would recommend you is to bot slayer with it, but you need to manually get the tasks and get the inv/setup, then when you reach 81-82 or around there you can kill rorarius to get easily 2-3m/h , or keep doing slayer since its good money
  9. Lol, this thread was posted 21 nov 2015...
  10. lol i never see the date :/

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