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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Pulse, Apr 30, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    After trying out some of the free bots on the client, I noticed that there wasn't one that was able to fish lobsters in Karamja and turn them into notes using Stiles on the other side of the island.

    I used to do this method in the past and would really like to see it be made possible again. If anyone would like to do it, that'd be awesome!

    Thanks in advance,
  2. i had 1 but i think i deleted it rip
  3. The Lite version of Celestal Fisher does that, if you are looking for a free bot.
  4. Tried to do it yesterday and it said I had selected a premium feature, will try again soon and get back to you.
    Thanks in advance if it does, that's awesome.
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    Sad to hear that, would've been neat.
  5. You probably selected a premium feature such as summoning, or any urn type higher that cracked.
  6. Could have been a possibility by accident, thanks for the quick response.
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    Edit: Still getting it, anything wrong here?

  7. Ok alright I found a small bug, I will let you know when the update gets released. :)
  8. Thanks, really appreciate the help. Will do some woodcutting until it's ready.
  9. Should work now :)
  10. Seems to be working so far, thanks a bunch for the quick fix. Really appreciate it man.
  11. Not a problem at all, that's my responsibility. :)
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  12. Unsure why but it keeps getting stuck when trying to exchange, and then just gives up.

  13. what does it do exactly?
  14. As soon as it reaches Stiles, it will change the camera angle up and down frantically a few times for a little while and then give up, resulting in me having to do it manually and restart the bot. It attempts to exchange while running sometimes, causing it to miss the button.
  15. @Cloud seems like the pitch values you gave me are a bit unsecure...
    Anyways, I will try to find a solution for that, Pulse :)
  16. Thanks again, really appreciate the quick support you're offering.
    Might have to go for the upgraded version at some point to try and thank you properly.
  17. That would be nice, but first I'd like to get that problem you have out of the way...
  18. MaxiFisher does this but iirc i've had reports of the web not working properly so i'll have to look into it.
  19. Yea it doesn't.

    Hope this gets fixed soon would love to gold farm ^.^
  20. Sounds good, thanks in advance if you get around to it.

    Looking forward to it being fixed. ^-^

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