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  1. Could anyone make a Karamja Lobster bit fir OSRS that includes banking? This is a pretty good moneymaking method for f2p players.
  2. I was thinking about doing this but Im unsure how to even fish there.
    Isnt there not a bank and you have to sell the lobsters to the store and buy them back in note?
  3. What you do is you go to karamja with a cash stack and a lobster pot. Fish lobsters pay fare to get back to Port Sarim use deposit box next to the entrana ship people go back to karamha and repeat.
  4. This is currently getting added to my LiteFisher bot.

    I currently have it able to walk from boat to fish, fish, walk to npc, talk to NPC, board boat, unboard boat, walk to deposit box. Need to add route back from deposit box and get it all running smoothly.

    PS: the current version of my bot doesnt load the gui correctly. Waiting for update to get pushed.

    Edit: Almost done. Just need to finish polishing it and add the dialog for the captains back to karamja from sarim. But I got to head to work for now. Till tonight :D
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  5. Thanks a ton! Please tell me here when it is done
  6. Almost got it done before I left for work! I just need to do the NPC captains for the trip from sarim to karamja. And polishing

    There is multiple npcs with different names to talk to to ride the boat. I'm not sure how I want to handle that as using only one would be suspicious. Maybe have it pick a random one
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  7. Ok thanks!
  8. Done! Just polishing up and forcing errors to patch.

    EDIT: I pushed an update for it. Hopefully will be accepted soon and hopefully the gui loads properly! (darn image isnt loading correctly, if it doesnt load now ill just remove the image. Its hard to test as it loads correctly locally but not when published.)

    If there is anything you notice that could improve let me know. Im adding a coin checker, if it has less than 30 coins it will wait a bit then log out.

    • Talking to Customs officer does an odd bug where it doesn't recognize the "Click to continue" text. Ill look into it.
    • Talking to the Seamn/Captain in Sarim could use a bit more work as it sometimes switches NPCs in middle of convo
    • I was unable to do extensive testing as I ran out of coins. I'll do more tomorrow.
    • Expect some possibly odd bugs as Karamjas route/interactions are completely beta. Report any findings please :D
    I recommend using the AntiBan option.
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  9. Ok thanks! What is the name of the bot?
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    Also have you noticed the high banrate for runemate OSRS?
  10. LiteFisher

    I have noticed the high banrate. But only with certain bots. Some bots I've used for dozens of hours (Litefisher, MaxiChickenkiller) with out any issues. While others (tutorial, cooker) get you banned almost instantly.
  11. OK thanks!
  12. Waiting on the update to get published :(

    Takes a while sometimes
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    Its approved and the gui is loading!! (had to remove the image, not sure why that doesnt load). Let me know any and all issues.
  13. Thanks a ton! I just need to level up a few accounts to 40 fishing as my ones got banned
  14. use a proxy then or all your bots will get banned.
    I ran a test on bans to try to figure out what was detected and got a ton of accounts banned. after that any account I tried to level up was banned. They really monitor any accounts on the same Ip as previously banned accounts.
  15. Sorry for asking a dumb question but where can i get a proxy and are they free?
  16. A free one would be worse than not probably.

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