Keep your eyes on the prize gentlemen.

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Blackr1ft, May 3, 2016.

  1. Good day gentlemen. Word is there's a ban wave coming soon for osrs, just keep vigilant and keep botting with caution ;)

    - Sources: Secret :p
  2. shiet hide!!
  3. Inb4 Mod Weath
  4. Source? :0
  5. Lets just say a little mod is planning a osrs ban botting stream in a few weeks... D:
  6. That doesn't indicate a mass ban, only that they will be live-streaming and event where they hop around the world banning people flagged as bots - a list I imagine will be quite long :)
  7. Mod Ronan his potatoes are grown.
  8. All hail Mod Ronan and his waxed legs!
  9. Damn this is bad news lol
  10. Not sure if meme or meme.

    [Citation Required]
  11. Bot hard or go home - wyd
  13. Wait... didn't you hate mr wyd?
  14. Not me, tbh I never really got involved with him xD
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  15. aussies standing up for aussies ;)
  16. Mr. Wyd was a little special, to put it politely.

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