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    Bio: Hey so a little about me:
    I am currently running two bots 4-6 hours a day and am always looking for more ways to make money (to afford bonds as well as pay for skills that I may not be able to bot). I am going to try and build reputation around this botting website to start a questing/leveling/botting service. So far this bot looks promising and I plan on "upgrading" to run more bots at a time, after I have run this bot for a solid thirty days without them being banned..So if you need quests done, please let me know, I would be willing to do the first one or two free (depending on the quest) for just a vouch to get some reputation going, as well as offer discounts on bulk quests. I currently work part time on a swing shift, so once we decided on a quest(s) I will give you a time frame in which I will have them done (typically less than 24 hours/quest)

    All payment is EoC, if you have 07scape gold you are welcome to go to and use there online forums to transfer for EoC gold, if you are unfamiliar with the site in general, I recommend you browse it, it's a great resource for consolidating wealth from any and all you games you may play or may have played.

    Novice Short - 1m
    Novice Medium - 3m
    Novice Long - 5m

    Intermediate Short - 4m
    Intermediate Medium - 6m
    Intermediate Long - 8m

    Experienced Short - 7m
    Experienced Medium - 10m
    Experienced Long - 12m

    Master - 15m
    Grandmaster - 20m
    Recipe for Disaster - 50m

    I will collect items needed - You are welcome to however
    Bank Pin is required, if you have trust issues please leave 500k-1m gold in the bank for necessary quest items (more or less depending on quest(s))

    If you find a resource with cheaper prices than mine please provide a link and I will adjust my prices to match or beat any competition!
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