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  1. Geashaw submitted a new resource:

    Banana picker - Picks bananas from Karamja and uses Glory for teleporting

    Read more about this resource...

    1. Start at edgeville bank
    2. Have loads of glory (4) in bank
    3. Have 23 empty baskets in inventory
    4. Have amulet of glory and basket anywhere on the actionbar
    5. Make sure your first Bank Preset is set as shown;
    6. Start the script bot

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  2. Gonna try it now... Been wanting one of these... Edit: Not quite yet, I guess... Download's not available yet...
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  3. It's not? I must fix one tiny bug still though... it tends to over teleport.
  4. Umm... I got it now... But it just picked the bananas from one tree then just stood there... Then I filled my inventory and it still did nothing...

    Btw though, I love how u got it to pause the paint when I pause the script bot...

    Edit: Tested again and it still did the same... But this time it picked 5 bananas from 3 different trees then just stood there... Just does nothing once it has 5 bananas...
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  5. I am really sorry, I should've included the information. Edited the post.
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  6. Oh... Thank you for that... I'll try it out again!
  7. Tell me if the teleporting still fails, I will try and fix it.
  8. Started at Edgeville and it did nothing... Status said "Loading"... Teleported myself, it picked 5 bananas, but did not fill a basket... Then I filled it myself and it did pick 5 more bananas, but then still just stood there again... Figured I'd let it sit and maybe it'd do it eventually, but no luck... It's been sitting for 3 minutes now and hasn't done anything...

    I'm going to download ur source and have a look and see if I can figure it out... Probably not, though, unless RuneMate's similar to Runedev...
  9. Figured it out from a quick look at ur source... You should update the post and let people know they need to have the basket and Glory in the action bar... Everything seems to be running smooth now...

    Edit: It teleported to Karamja from Gotta buy more Glorys to test some more... I'll let u know if it keeps happening... Only gonna try a few more times, though, as Glorys are pretty
  10. That's exactly what I meant, the teleporting is buggy. Glory amulets are only 11k each atm.
  11. Oh... I figured they were more expensive... I haven't really played in years and still had a few in my inventory when I started again last

    Alright... Just finished another run and it did the same thing... It tele'd to Karamja 3 times, then finally tele'd to Edgeville... I don't know how well it would work, but maybe try putting a delay in your loop when u call on the tele events... Or, if possible, wait for animation (tele), then wait for animation (none)...
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  12. Yea it somehow types 1 and then 2 (edgeville, karamja)... gotta debug that.
  13. Good luck! This seems like it will be an amazing script bot once you get the bugs fixed... Seems like the teleporting bug is the only one... Everything else appears to go smoothly... Sometimes it will rotate the camera in the middle of picking from a tree, which isn't too bad, but isn't really very human-like...

    I just had a thought, though... Won't this only use 2 of the teleports then bank it and withdraw another fully charged Glory (since it uses presets, or should the Glory not be part of the preset?)? Cuz I don't really want a bunch of half-charged Glorys and I don't think anyone would actually do that when they're playing normally...

    I really wish we could run local scripts bots so I could edit and test it out... For some reason, I really can't figure out how to use intelliJ or Never could with Runedev, either, which is why I never used either... I just wrote my scripts bots in
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  14. It buggs me that you have to use (4) in the preset as well. I usually charge them on my main (using a Geyser titan).
    You could follow the tutorial on setting up IntelliJ. I did this :)

    Will update the code on BitBucket!
  15. Updated the code for teleporting, it's slower but working!
  16. @ciresiuol Does it work like expected after this update?
  17. I will test soon... Doing Divination and washing dishes right
  18. Started at Edgeville and it did nothing... Tele'd myself to Karamja, and it picked the bananas (but I found a bug with that, which I'll explain in the next paragraph), then did nothing again... It won't teleport at all... Is the Glory still supposed to be set to Action Bar slot 2? It also won't click (or press the corresponding keys for) any options when the interface to teleport is up...

    Now about the picking bug...

    It filled all of the baskets, then, for some reason, there was only 4 bananas on the next tree it picked from... After it picked the 4 bananas, it just stood there instead of clicking on another tree for the last banana...
  19. @ciresiuol It takes the glory from anywhere in the actionbar. Did you make sure you are wearing a glory and have 23 empty baskets in your inventory?
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