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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by Geashaw, Feb 27, 2015.

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  1. How to use this script bot:
    1. Place your character at the desired location​
    2. Start the script bot
    3. Select that location​
    4. Select the ore to mine​
    5. Select desired options​
    6. Click start​
    • North-east Ardougne​
    • South-east Varrock​
    • South-west Varrock​
    • Al Kharid​
    • Rimmington​
    • Lumbridge East​
    • Lumbridge West​
    • Clay​
    • Tin ore​
    • Copper ore​
    • Iron ore​
    • Silver ore​
    • Coal​
    • Gold ore​
    • Mithril ore​
    • Adamantite ore​
    Locations to add:
    • Coal trucks​
    • Fishing Colony​
    • North Monstary​
    • South-east Fight Arena​
    • Crafting Guild​
    1. Checkbox stay in one spot is nice for mining 3 rocks, but can't be used with banking!​
    Dynamic signature (!):

    Find your forum id by going to your profile.[​IMG]
    Create your personal dynamic signature by going to[​IMG]

    Place it in your signature if you wish[​IMG]
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  2. I still cant see the GUI :S
  3. Hey, I can make a graphical GUI for you :p

    I'll message you tomorrow with the design and if you like it I'll give it to you for free :p because you make this script bot for free
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    So I made a quick one


    I don't know what resolution you need. So I made this 500x200. But everything is text or vectore stuff so it can be scalled and wont pixelated. :)

    Tell me if you like it and I'll send you the file and help you any further if needed :D
    I'll read you message tomorrow because it's very late now and I'm gonna sleep :p
  4. @Flexxkii That looks really neat. You do mean this as a popup GUI kinda paint I guess?
  5. Great bot :)
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  6. @Geashaw
    Jup I used the screenshot in the OP as reference. So I mean the blue box.

    I thought maybe I can export the image without the text like run time etc. And then you make a overlay with all the details over the image. I hope you understand what I mean lol
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  7. So pretty much a background for him to draw the paint's information on?
  8. I have no idea :p
  9. Jup. I thats what I mean :) sorry I'm new to this
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  10. @Flexxkii
    Can you perhaps photoshop it in the main post screenshot? I'm not entirely sure yet.
  11. Made 2 version. One covers the button and one don't.
    If you don't like the colors I can always change them. I thought of making a grey one instead of white. But do you like it?


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  13. Why 2 paints?
  14. Removed the draggable one in v0.8
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