Legacy beta is out

Discussion in 'RS3' started by EvilCabbage, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. They're trying to give players what they want but I think it will become so messy, trying to mix two ages in 1, eek.
  2. Agreed. Removal of the EoC would be better. I doubt many people enjoy it anyways. They should do what the majority wants, always.
  3. You're gonna hate me but I love EOC, and I can't stand playing oldschool.
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  4. Same here! I love RS3, and I'd rather die than play oldschool for longer than an hour
  5. You're an endangered specie then :p
  6. well there're two of us in this thread so that's a pretty common specie :p
  7. EoC makes me want to avoid attacking anything. Their "super-cool-ultra-awesome" combat system is garbage and was way too hyped up for what the result was, especially with their beta tests. If all they did was return to the old-style combat system, I would be perfectly fine with the current game. I almost only play on my skiller now due to this.
  8. I can do dungeoneering once again.
  9. Well basically this.

    I stopped doing quests with extremely hard bosses as I refuse to use abilities lol
  10. Since hiatus on main I have to grab 5 quests to get quest cape back. All have bosses, can't be bothered till legacy is done.

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