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Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Aidden, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. I'm drawing the bounds of the Magic.SUPERHEAT component and it's finding it correctly, but for some reason the mouse is deciding to move to where it is in this picture everytime
  2. 1. Are you interacting with the component directly?
    2. Can you consistently reproduce it?
    3. Can you display the points returned by getInteractionPoint?
    4. If you interact directly with the interaction point, what happens?
  3. 1.Interacting with the component directly works fine, it's just Magic.SUPERHEAT_ITEM.activate() that hovers the point shown.
    2.Yes, it happens every single time i call the above method in legacy mode. Also, i've made sure that it IS the rs3 import and not the osrs one.
    3/4. I'm guessing these are irrelevant as interacting with the component works fine and getInteractionPoint is in the component not the power
  4. Wait a minute, are we talking about Powers.Magic.SUPERHEAT_ITEM? If that's the case then it's likely just a matter of disabling a check that's required for EOC(or modifying it... that would probably be the better option...)
  5. That's the one. That's also for legacy mode i'm guessing? @Cloud
  6. It is, and because of that I'm looking into the problem.
  7. @Cloud this still hasn't been resolved. I've just done a quick check and it seems to keep clicking in the location shown in this image:
  8. Fixed for the next release.

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