Lending fishing account for gathering informations

Discussion in 'Programming & Hardware' started by Savior, Dec 18, 2014.

  1. Hey mates!
    I am looking for any account with membership to gather some informations for CP Fisher.

    The account should fulfill as many things as possible of the following list:
    • Membership
    • Access to piscatoris fisher colonie
    • Access to LRC and 90+ fishing level
    • Access to Shilo village

    I will only use the account to gather informations and for testing only a bit.
    I will not bot longer than about 10-15 minutes for security purposes.
  2. I don't know if I have access to shilo/picatoris but I do have 94 fishing
  3. Great, lets talk about it over skype tomorrow :)
  4. Sounds like a plan, I'll see if I can get access to Shilo/picatoris if I have time to tonight
  5. Hm both quests, Swan Song and Shilo Village have high requirements... But obviously I would be more than thankful! :)
  6. I should be able to do Shilo Village, I need like 90 more quest points for Swan song lol
  7. You mean borrowing.
  8. yeah
    in germany we only have one word for lending / borrowing so I got kinda cunfused

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