lets speculate regarding bans

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  1. A bit of speculation here. But maybe just maybe one of the botting websites is leaking the IP addresses of everyone of its visitors and giving them to Jagex. This would allow Jagex to monitor and flag these IPs.

    It would account for the reports of legit accounts getting banned on the same machine as bot farms.

    "But I used a VPN on x account"
    Maybe it was just caught as normal or maybe they were able to trace it back to that account via previous IPs or other accounts that used your IP also logging in on the VPN.

    Thoughts comments suggestions?

    EDIT: I'm not implying it would be RM.
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  2. Ehh, I mean I guess it's a possibility, but so is the possibility that Jagex owns every botting client, and we're all being lied to /s.
    For real though, I doubt this is true of RM, on some other clients though, could definitely be a factor.
  3. This is something that would totally be possible and would explain the bizarre bans. Some of us almost getting instant banned while others can bot fine. The others have maybe never visited the website thats leaking.

    *Straightens tin foil hat*
  4. Tin Foil Hats Actually Make it Easier for the Government to Track Your Thoughts
    Be careful man, tin foil hats are what they want you to wear.
  5. As soon as you get caught majorly infringing on the rules with something 'severe' like botting, your ip is flagged; you will most likely see more frequent bans after that.
    A lot of gold farmers run into this issue and can even see bans from just registering new accounts under that IP.
    Also it's relatively easy to catch a person that's running along the same path as 5000 other people, doing the exact same thing and dismissing every random act that comes their way.
    Private scripts bots proxies are our saviors, assume prayer positions immedietely.

    If any of these companies were selling or releasing our IP addresses I'm pretty sure they'd be violating their own ToS on both ends, I'm not entirely sure that's allowed.
    But neither is botting technically so what do I know.
  6. Botted for about 180M range 4 individual accounts respectively at spiritual mages over the course of a few months. 3 were banned, however I had one left. My friend had his JAG fuck up so I wasn't able to log into it for 2 or so months. He just re-verified the JAG for me yesterday, and it had been active on hiscores, Adventurer's log, etc etc... meaning it wasn't banned; as soon as I logged in, instantly kicked out and perm banned for seriously violating rules. I would also like to mention I logged in with the RuneMate client, no accusations towards RuneMate in any way, just want to make it clear the entire situation of my ban. I'm in no way upset, made a lot of money from this. Just wanted to let people know what bans are being given out. All 4 accounts are now perma banned, and I was running them almost 24/7 for about 3 months.

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