OSRS level 3 osrs skiller (skillcape)

Discussion in 'General Market' started by patcole, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. Hey Runemate community

    I hereby want to sell my oldschool runescape skiller with over 500 hours playtime on it. It has 99 woodcutting close to 70 fletching, all other skills ~level 50(not being precise for account safety). The account has no offences on it, and the email connected to it is made for this account and will be changed on purchase.
    I would like to recieve osrs gold for it.
    please post bids below
    NOTE: I will not go first, either you go first or we use a trusted middleman.
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  2. Botted or legit?
  3. most been done by hand. This account is relatively old.
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    bump... this awesome account is still for sale!
  4. How much would you want for it
  5. Username login?
  6. Isn't jagex monitoring these threads for banns? I'd rather not say username. Just offer something @07AccountSale
  7. I think @EvilCabbage was asking if you log in with a username rather than typing an email to log in, not for the specific name.
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  8. Even if you posted your username and jagex saw it they wouldn't ban you. They wouldn't have proof because i could easily type someone's username here and say it's me botting. But yeah, I'd advise against it anyways.
  9. I indeed meant what @moneyblades said. My question is, when logging in, do you type in an email address or just a regular username?
  10. email address
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