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  1. Would leveling too fast be bad? As in bumping up your total level by a lot? By 60 or 100, I know certain skills have different xp rates but when is too much? Also, do accounts with bonds receive harsher treatment when caught? I had one get a permanent ban at around 9-10 BST but it was a member with a bond.
  2. I don't see why a fast xp rate should increase chances of getting banned.
    And it does not matter if you are member, have a bond, or are f2p, all accounts get treated equally when it comes to rule breaking. However, jagex seem to focus their bot detection especially on new accounts.
  3. well can you show proof on the equal treatment? normally it is a 2 day ban but this time it went straight to perma ban. It had 600 total level and nearly a week old. Possibly that it is a manual ban?
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  4. IF you have a perm ban on a members, USUALLY (not always) I find its because i'm on an IP that has had previous bans, my rule of thumb... If a member account gets perm banned, they have also just flagged your IP. So change your IP/proxy. If you get a 2-day ban as members, your normally safe to carry on wih that IP.
    This is just going by my past experience.

    2 day ban - Is nothing.. Just aban, remake... continue.
    Perm ban - Flagged IP, Or at least they now have flagged your IP.
  5. No, manual bans are usually 48h except for bug abusing and buying/selling rsgold which you get manual permanent.

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