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  1. Are our lives just an illusion? Do our lives even matter? I mean cmon, all we do is follow the system, do what the book says, die.

    You dont give anything to this world. It doesnt give you anything back either.

    Btw: We are learning formulas in school. We are learning about space. Atleast that there is no air.

    Why dont school systems teach stuff people would actually like to listen to? Not just formulas... Dont say its just a way to get you into stuff and then you do it all by yourself. Nobody will ever get into something if you present it the wrong way..

    (programming class)
    Student: What is programming?
    Teacher: Look at this example: "f(x)=5x + 2". Write this down, memorize it and it will be on a test.
    Student: Great. Fuck this shit. This is boring. Fuck off.

    Student: What is programming?
    Teacher: Programming is writing code. You WILL have to study. But look what you can make with it. * shows some interesting stuff. Explains our modern technology is using it etc etc etc*.
    Student: Holy shit. This looks epic. * Starts learning *.

    I want to know alot. i want to learn. I dont want to study and memorize stuff again and again if its not interesting to me. I have no interest in school because stuff is presented to
    me the wrong way. I read on internet and library alot of interesting tjings i could have learned in school but the school system didnt provide it to me. We follow the system. Generation by generation. One of thousands or hundreds of thousands will make something and be something. Why not make more people smarter and willing to learn? I know its hard for teachers to present it in interesting way. But come on. Dont teach if you dont know how. Teaching is not telling me what to read to pass the exam. That is not teaching nor learning by students... I am doing school just because i need it to get a job and make
    money so i can die with some money in my pockets. Yay.
  2. See it as investment. You have to get an official paper to do stuff you like to do opposed to what you have to do. Once you get past the mantadory stuff you will get to pick stuff you like. Follow your dreams, get a job within your interests.

    I didn't like highschool at all. Now I'm studying computer science and I love it. It's because I had the chance to choose what I like.
  3. But school should show me the gateway to knowledge. Not just tell me what to do you know
  4. From my experience they will once you will get into college/university. Highschool is sort of to get you knowledge of about everything so you can taste what you like. Based on that you pick what you want to study.
  5. You need this
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  6. But how can i taste what i like if everything is shown to me like a bag of shit i need to take
  7. There must be some parts you enjoy. For example I had basic programming in high school, that was basically what made me pick my study.
  8. Dont have anything i enjoy. i should probably rest mroe
  9. FTFY
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  10. School doesnt show you shit and is not meant to show you anything. Its barely there to filter out some people. Study at a uni if you want to learn interesting stuff

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