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Discussion in 'General Market' started by Light Yagami, Sep 18, 2015.

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  1. This is just a place holder for now, Just waiting for graphics ect.

    Here is what i will be doing
    -Quests (Price Different for every quest)
    -MiniGames (Void, Torso and FireCapes)
    -Custom Account Builds (stats, Quests and Gp £1 per M)
    -Botting Account Builds (Yew Bots ect.)
    -Pet's (Will kill the boss till i get pet, You will pay for essentials needed if needed more after it will be added on at the end of the service)
    -Tut Island (5 Accounts per £2)

    FeedBack would be great
  2. Good idea. Stuck with it. People need this sort of service.
  3. Thansk my man I will just finding someone to do the graphics
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  4. Best of luck !
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  5. Ordering big quest order & skills!
  6. Ay, i'll do graphics for you, np! Hmu
  7. $2 for any quests pm me for my skype
  8. I would like to discuss powerleveling prices with you. PM me
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