Bug Limited to 2 accounts per time, but im a supporter, which donate 2$ a month.

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  1. So, i've trying to run my bots (actually im trying to run only 3, not 4, as my limit is 4 account a time).
    Waited 30 mins, login in my desktop, started botting 2 accounts. Sweet.
    Logged in my desktop, tried to run one more account and, there we go;
    So, even donating 2$, waited about 30 mins with everything closed, still can't login more than 2 accounts
    (which is really weird, cause my limit is 4)
    I'll be waiting more 30 mins to see if i can run more accounts.
    Also, a lot of times there is a Cloud error, that RuneMate doesn't load my accounts saved. And i need to re-run it like, 3-4 times to make it reload again, as there is no "reload" accounts button.
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  2. Same, I should have had 5 limit, but it says 2. I see that Runemate has changed how the support rank works Upgrade | RuneMate , so I just donated more. Not happy with the 100hr limit though :(
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  3. Yea, i can't say im a little sad with the changes xd.
    But, i think this will help the RuneMate developers make new changes, and make the RuneMate bot even greater, so i will be donating +20 dollars month when i reach my limit xd. WIll be goldfarming with only 2 24/7. ;p
  4. Im glad that theyre buffing up the payments maybe now we will get more motivated coders for some highly asked script bot *ehem thieves guild* ehem.
  5. Thieves guild? :p
  6. Your mining script bot is amazing btw, oh and on runespan any idea why deathwraiths get prioritised over everything else?
  7. They dont, whatever you select first is... I believe
  8. i know i always select the nodes first and then i select death esswraith in case none are available, and it always uses the wraith even when there are nodes available ive no idea why :L
  9. Read the overview. It siphon the creatures until a number of essence has been collected, then does nodes
  10. oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh didnt read lol.

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