Resolved Linux OpenGL blocked

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  1. Open GL blocked, that create a lot of problem on centos and other linux platform, please fix it :)
  2. OpenGL is blocked because it often crashes on linux platforms.
  3. @Cloud that because user does not know how to setup the drivers

    i receive these message always after the update

    Unable to load model component for 2484: "ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException : null"

    and the bot is not able to loot a lot of items for that
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  4. Clear your jagex cache and that issue will go away.
  5. i did but still is here
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    @Cloud also it does not save the graphic information
  6. I'm not sure what you mean by that.
  7. i deleted the cache several times but no progresses

    the graphic autosettup when u start the game, usually save infoes and u don't have to start it all the time, but after the update is not saving it anymore
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    @Cloud any update?

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