List all features you want in a miner

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  1. I'm rewriting F-5 Miner for the Pi tag, list every thing you can think of.


    Shit posting is permitted.
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  2. Off the top of my head, I'd like to see a few more locations, Shilo Village at least as a start. Deathwalk support for DS, bank preset support for DS. If you die, you run to the bank you're depositing the ores at, press 1 or 2, and that will re equip your pickaxe or whatever :p And lastly, world hopping :p Even if you don't plan on supporting DS, the few more locations, and world hopping would be awesome :D Thank you :)
  3. Superheat the ores while you walk to bank or superheat and drop
  4. lava flow mine seems a good feature to add

    and since shit posting is permitted, could you be so kind and add a feature to kill some boss or do some slayer tasks or quests as antiban?
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  5. Sounds simple enough.
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  6. Let it only bank ores and gems, not the rune pick :D(like maximiner).
    Other than that, just walk-back-after-death, locations and banks/chests, maybe even the less efficient ones to stay out of sight longer.
    Im a simple man, this alone satisfies my needs.
  7. This isn't exactly referenced towards your bot in specific, but it can be. I personally hate AIO bots for the most part, since the author put so much time to get everything to work, nothing works superb. Find a few good things that people want in the bot, and perfect them. From there, of course add a couple more options here and there, but make sure they're solid and that each location and stuff runs like its own bot.

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