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  1. Hey Runemate Bot Authors! I've been a member of Runemate since the beginning and have seen a lot of very talented Authors come and go, and I have come up with a list of bots that would be a HUGE addition to and for the community!

    1.) AIO Dungeoneering Bot
    * Does all floors
    * Fully Customizable GUI (Yet designed in a simplistic manner)

    2.) Working Smithing Bot
    *Smelts at major forges (Edgeville, Port Phastmays, Al-Kharid)
    *Smiths all armors, weapons, ammo etc.

    3.) Working Livid Farm Bot
    * Completes all activities quickly and organized.

    4.) Gilded Altar Bot
    * Uses personal home/friend home with Gilded Altar to train prayer.
    * Supports Familiars

    5.) Boss Combat Bot (Doesn't necessarily have to kill any certain one, just a great money making method)
    * Fight the Queen Black Dragon
    * Fight the Corporeal Beast (On Lootshare Mass World)

    6.) Charm Farmer Bot
    * Kill Waterfiends
    * Kill Exciled Kalphites (GREAT Money Making and MASSIVE Blue Charms)

    7.) Monster Combat Bot
    * Kill Frost Dragons
    * Kill Airuts
    * Kill Spiritual Mages

    8.) Runecrafting Bot
    * Abyss Support
    * Graahk Nature Running Support
    * Basic Rune Support (Air, Fire, Water, etc)
    * Familiar Support
    * Smooth Banking

    These are all of course just suggestions, but I believe if we had all of these bots alongside the amazing client then our user count would grow substantially as well as create an influx for "Premium Bot Section"

    Can't begin to thank you all for your hard work!!

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    You'd be a great candidate.
  2. Please dont forget,
    Mining Guild xD
    Pyramid Plunder.

    You'd be a great candidate.
  3. @Aria said in chat that he probably wont make any more new bots. unlucky ;)
  4. we need to steal a scripter from somewhere eles, and pay him well here todo the odd jobs lol
  5. Why would you want Mining Guild? It's not really good for anything, might as well get 15 dung and use the resource dungeon ^^
  6. Add a Dwarven Trader Pickpocketer, with the use of Crystal mask + prayer
    Mighty XP and gold!
  7. I've got plans for some of these, just no time yet xD

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