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    LiteFisher - Safe, Simple, Efficient

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  2. Doesn't seem to work for me. I had a cage in my inventory and my character was in the Catherby bank, but the bot does not move. The condition is walking. I enjoyed your previous fishing developments, it's great stuff!
  3. Well I fixed the gui but seemed to have left the bug testing stuff in for the upcoming cooking method. i will fix and push an update that will hopefully be accepted tomorrow or today.
  4. Hi Blisterz, Any eta on the cooking part being reimplemented?
  5. No I put it on hold as all tests I ran on cooking were too detectable.
    It made too much of a pattern (fish, cook, bank). After Spectre is released I'll start more work on it.
  6. Thanks no problem. Appreciate the work. Have you thought of getting this DMM viable. E.G HP checks and overhead icon/Skull checking.
  7. DMM was my original goal. Hopefully one day :D
    What would you want it to do if it detects reducing HP and or a sculled player? Run to bank? For how long?

    PS: If anyone is getting NullPointer errors let me know whats causing them. I've seen a good 20 or so reported errors in the exception log but no info as to how it occurred and the code is obfuscated in the exception log.
  8. very nice script bot! pls add swordies to fishing list at karamja :)
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  9. Choose tuna as it will catch the swords also :). Should work. Let me know if it doesn't.

    Or did you want it to drop tuna? I could probably add that pretty quickly if it was something desired
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  10. Consider making the option name 'Tuna/Swordfish' to make it more recognizable for your users. :D
  11. I wrote the code bad for that ;) (it uses the option name as the fish variable and such). I could change it. But it would be easier to just add a swordfish option to clear up the confusion

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