RS3 Little project of mine (1-99 Fletching)

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  1. Day 1 (Thursday)
    For 1-55 I've used Lunar Fletcher. The great thing this bot offers is that it automatically switches to the best bow available. For 55-70 I have used Alpha Fletcher. This took me roughly 11 hours.

    Day 2 (Friday)
    Today I have done 70 to 81 Fletching. All was done with Alpha Fletcher, and I think I will keep using Alpha Fletcher unless @Hazard fixes his portables bot to allow fletching again. Since I went out and forgot about my bot, I have made great progres botting roughly 15 hours.

    Day 3 (Saturday)
    Today I've done 81 to 86 Fletching. It took roughly 16 hours. Maple longbow (u)'s make me roughly 120k an hour and give a little bit over 100k exp an hour.

    Day 4 (Sunday)
    86 to 87 Fletching was done. I was gone all day, and apparently the bot stopped a while after me leaving the house. At least it's something exp wise, right? I know I won't gain much experience tomorrow either.. So I'm going to see this as a small break.
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  2. Somebody feel suicidal lol.

    F-5 AIO is gonna effectively have progressive 99'ing. (i.e. You can set it up to train a skill to a specified level using a specified training method/item, than switch once it reaches a level. That's going to be for just about every skill it supports, including mining and woodcutting :D )
  3. Sounds good! And yeah, maybe before monday is a little bit steep. I might tone it down to like 1 million exp a day.
  4. I was hoping to make a bot like this personally but it is great to see someone has almost completely built it already.
  5. any update on this?
  6. Nice, I recently got 1-99 on my skiller. Alpha fletcher is pretty sweet:) good luck.
  7. Hello, I wanted to ask you one thing. Let's say I got a main account and I dont want to bot there, however I would like to bot on other accounts so they farm gold for me (Mining adamantite ore, woodcutting, etc...). can Jagex find out my main or ban my IP adress and get to my main and ban him as well- even tho I was not botting there? Thanks for answer.

  8. @Tonk Jagex Has and never will Ip ban players, But if there is any trace of botting/Rwt on your account it will already flagged so just be careful how you tranfer your gold from the bots to your main account
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  9. Great-thanks. So how would you recommend to tranfer my gold to my main? Like thru more accounts? or...?

    @Light Yagami
  10. The way i do it, Put it hrought 2-3 IP's and then back to mine so maybe trade it to close friends and family if they play
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  11. Aww, can't do it this way, dont have any friends playing runescape... If you guys have any methods/ideas how to transfer it then fell free to share with me, please :)
  12. I usually just trade. However I hear from people that dropping it in the wilderness or staking are good methods.
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    Since there's sudden interest in this, the account is as of now 15.6m Fletching exp and going strong :)
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  13. Nice man. I got to around 90 over 10 days and then got slapped with major bans on all 3 accounts :(

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