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  1. So i got 8GB ram in my pc atm
    2x 4GB DDR3 pc-12800 which is 1600mhz ramspeed.

    I want to buy 2 more 4gb sticks to get to 16gb total ram.
    I never really though about this, but i need to take the same ramspeed?
    Or can i get 1333Mhz sticks?


    EDIT: got the answer already :) "yes, If you do then the ram will all run at 1333."
  2. Also some different brands have compatibility issues, I highly recommend taking the exact same sticks to expand. Not saying it will not work, but there's also no guarantee it will.
  3. I just ordered at :)
    If it does not work, they will just take it back :D
    but, thanks for pointing out :D
  4. Back on my decade old pentium 4, I stuck in 2 512MB sticks onto an existing 512MB. Normal activities went well but when I opened a game I got blue screened. I just removed the old one and everything was fine.
  5. Then those sticks were broke :p
    The only process you ever needed the more ram was at the game, and when your system needed them, it knew it was broke, resulting in your BSoD
  6. Man that was a really old PC I was using up till 2012. Pretty much all RAM was being used constantly. The sticks worked independently just not together.
  7. AAAH OK :p
  8. Your correct with the answer you found, you'll have to run all your memory at 1333MHz, using the 1333MHz memory's RAM timings and CAS latency. In short; Will it work? Yes. Will be faster? No, it'll likely be noticeably slower.

    Although I do need to correct you; blue screens most certainly do not mean the memory is 'broke'. There are numerous different blue screens, they are very useful for identifying what part of a system is unstable. Unstable in this context, meaning, e.g., your CPU is being undervolted, or your RAM doesn't support the clock speed it's been set. You'll encounter blue screens all the time when you test an overclock, they'll become your best friend.
  9. thank you for that detailed answer :)
    I just ordered the 1600Mhz ram :p
    ok they were more expencive... but heck with it haha

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  11. Thats why i posted it there :p sorry for that mistake :) and thanks for correcting

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