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  1. I've been training mining lately on my skiller, almost at 77 now :).
    At 77 mining you can mine concentrated rocks at the Living Rock Caverns which will get you alot more xp/h since you get multiple ores from a single rock. After some searching for a bot for this here a found out we haven't got one yet, even though this is a good and popular way to train mining.

    Is there a bot author with some time on his hands who would like to try making one for us, would be highly appreciated!
  2. I will make one if I find an account with 77 or 80 mining :/ let me check my old accounts.

    Edit: Just realized that I don't need an account with 77/80 mining for this; I'm on it!
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  3. Wow that was quick lol, thanks! Would be awesome :)
    I'll let this thread open so you can keep us updated okay?
  4. Will probably be finished tomorrow/Tuesday, depends on my time(school :( )
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  5. Wow nice, looking forward to it!
  6. Beta version is done, will upload it tomorrow, only thing that's left now is make a GUI to choose between Coal and Gold.
    --- Double Post Merged, May 5, 2015, Original Post Date: May 4, 2015 ---

    Uploaded to SVN, waiting for approval :)

    - DeathWalking(Walking from Falador -> LRC when died)
    - Coal + Gold(only at 2 coal and 2 gold spots so far, will add more later)
    - Basic paint(shows rock status + xp gained + runtime + status)
    - Basic Gui(select coal/gold)

    Post more suggestions in the topic that will be created when it is approved at SVN.
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  7. add a death count please
  8. Will add that when initial version gets approved
  9. Nice, will try it once I get 80 mining, hopefully u know what ur doing :)
  10. Let's hope indeed, I made this script bot without having 80 mining, it's semi-tested :p Still the beta tho so bugs will probably occur
  11. I'll work on 80 mining tonight, once its out I'll test it further.
  12. It is out, only thing that is left is Cloud approving it
  13. Thats what I meant, once its pushed. :)
  14. Just for the sake of mentioning it, BatMiner will have support as well in a bit.
  15. But does your also have this epic logo?

  16. Nope, but does your's have this pretty graph?
  17. I'm impressed
  18. Sounds nice Hazard!
    Really like the deathwalk feature since I'm a skiller :'). Will test when it gets approved!

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