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  1. I am starting to try and develop some bots for Runemate but I am having difficultly loading local bots. I have accessed the -sdk and trying navigating to folders with the manifest, java, and class files. I also tried just downloading a opensource AesIron bot to tried to run it locally. I keep getting the same cannot find .class file error. Am I missing something?
    Thanks for your help
  2. The folder needs to have the manifest and be able to resolve all the .class files needed.
  3. Screenshot 2015-06-29 12.23.22.png
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    Here is screen shot of the Manifest and navigation from runemate sdk. This is only one class file and the manifest in the folder. I must be missing something. Thanks our your help.
  4. Paste the first line of AesIron.java please (the package name)
  5. package CoalMiner;
  6. Manifest:

  7. @Hazard
    That was it thanks Hazard. now I can actually start to code.
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